National & International Wipe Compliance

All of Aeontech’s production labs use Blancco Enterprise

Blancco Data Erasure works across the entire enterprise and lifecycle of every IT asset. We support highly-regulated industries, such as finance, healthcare and government, by assisting in the development and enforcement of data removal policies to prove compliance and achieve data sanitization.

The Most Comprehensive Data Erasure Solution

There are several overwriting solutions on the market, but Blancco data erasure software offers complete security by overwriting data onto all sectors of the device. Many overwriting programs cannot access the entire drive, including hidden/locked areas such as the Host Protected Area (HPA), Device Configuration Overlay (DCO) and remapped sectors.
This may lead to an incomplete erasure, as some of the data may still be intact. On top of that, Blancco validates the successful erasure of all data and provides auditable reporting for every erasure, which allows you to achieve data sanitization and stay compliant with the most rigorous regulatory requirements.