Safe Secure Computer Recycling

Aeontech has the ability to perform safe secure equipment collections and return directly to our facilities around Australia for reuse, refurbishment, parts harvesting and lastly environmental recycling. Once equipment is received into our facilities we perform a detailed test report of each assets operability, completeness, condition and perform a mandatory certified erasure process.

We aim for the best environmental outcome from IT equipment that has not reached the end of its useful life. Aeontech’s processes and superior re-marketing channels ensure the best positive environmental and financial outcome is achieved.

Aeontech uses Blancco Enterprise certified erasure tools. Sanitation services can be performed onsite with our experienced technicians and at our facilities in bulk, wiping hundreds of hard drives at a time in our state of the art processing labs.

Aeontech is a highly trusted, quality certified company with over 22 years experience in this industry.