Unique High Security Facility

Aeontech has a number of security measures in place at each facility such as Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), along with swipe card access control. We have the capacity, appropriate insurances and OH&S requirements in place to securely store large volumes of IT equipment.

We monitor all of our vehicles through a secure tracking system with a visual display on our screens at all times of where each vehicle is located. This allows us to view, control, record and audit our logistics at any given point in time ensuring the utmost security of asset freight management in transit.

Our Avalon Airport facility stands in the middle of Department of Defence Space, with CCTV and RFID gate access – a secure space within a secure space. The custom built and fitted site at Avalon allows equipment to be staged across multiple scalable spaces, mitigating interruption for any large projects operating in the main lab.

The main data centre is located in an adjacent building with priority grid power, automatic genset failover and inline UPS infrastructure. There is no chance of losing power, even in a blackout – Avalon will continue running with 4000 amps of supply available to the building.

Production rates well in excess of 1000 units a day can now be achieved, smashing the current industry delivery standards and ensuring that even the most stringent high volume IT projects can be serviced onshore at cost effective and highly competitive rates.

With the development of the Avalon facility, Aeontech is now leading the industry in Australia in establishing new standards in security and services in the fast growing IT asset management sector.